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Rohje is a finnish brand inspired by Nordic nature.
We believe that watch is a magnificent way for showing your style and values. Rohje watches are a combination of Finnish design, quality and passion for adventures. With Finnish handmade reindeer leather strap Rohje is a way to show your essence.

From tourist to adventurister

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Made for adventurous

Finnish design and genuine reindeer leather. Made for the ones who create their own paths.

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21st century expeditions, Rohje made its way to the Antarctica

Finnish research expedition FINNARP had Rohje watches in use when they arrived to the most isolated continent in the world, Antarctica....

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Reindeer leather is a Finnish speciality

Watch strap can be made from many materials. Reindeer leather is real arctic luxury.

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What does polar night actually mean?

Polar night is a yearly time period during which the sun doesn’t rise above the horizon. That means darkness 24 hours a day, huh!

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