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Rohje is a finnish brand inspired by Nordic nature.
We believe that watch is a magnificent way for showing your style and values. Rohje watches are a combination of Finnish design, quality and passion for adventures. With Finnish handmade reindeer leather strap Rohje is a way to show your essence.

From tourist to adventurister

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Nordic spirit

Made for adventurous

Finnish design and genuine reindeer leather. Made for the ones who create their own paths.

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See what Nordic Style Magazine has to say about Rohje!

"..., and as a small, intimate company, who care about their users as much as they care about each other, we applaud them for their designs and ethos!" - Nordic Style Magazine

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Reindeer leather is a Finnish speciality

Watch strap can be made from many materials. Reindeer leather is real arctic luxury.

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What does polar night actually mean?

Polar night is a yearly time period during which the sun doesn’t rise above the horizon. That means darkness 24 hours a day, huh!

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