Our story


The story began with four best friends traveling in the Swiss Alps in the summer of 2015. Back then managing a watch company was just a distant dream. The year turned to 2016 and the story was continued. The friends packed their bags and traveled all the way through Eastern Europe. The already traditional yearly trip was done in the next year as well. With these trips, the friends took steps towards accomplishing their dream while also bringing the friends even more closer together.

During the rainiest day of fall 2017, the friends were emboldened to take the big step. Thus Rohje was born. The name Rohje comes from the Finnish word rohjeta, to be brave enough to do, to seize the moment or opportunity. The project was moved to the drawing board immediately and the designing of the adventure focused Adventurister model had begun. The year 2018 was used finding the best partners, designing and making of many prototypes.

It was clear from the beginning that the materials for the watch strap had to be the best possible. Reindeer leather is an exotic luxury material due to its soft, light and durable properties. It gives the watch a unique Arctic heritage. The best partner to produce the watch straps was found in Tampere, Finland.

Within this artisan's workshop, leather straps for watches had been made since the 1940s. The making of leather straps had been pushed into the background little by little during the decades. This forgotten craft of making watch straps was revived with Rohje and the old tools and templates were innovated on.

Finally, after years of hard work and dedication, a simple dream that four best friends traveling the alps had, was a realized. It was time to release the first model, Rohje Adventurister.


Friendship, courage and uncompromising quality are the basis of the Finnish Rohje watches. Rohje watches combine Nordic design and high quality to match international competition.

The first model Rohje Adventurister is made for those who make their own path in life, the brave adventurers. Wherever your adventures take you, the arctic and unique Finnish watch reminds you of the important values and Nordic nature.

These days watches show more than just time, it shows the wearers values and style. Wherever you are, wherever you go, you must be brave enough to seize the moment - or at least that is what we at Rohje believe.

Welcome aboard,
Antti, Henry, Ville ja Arno

AnttiHenryVille Arno

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