Our story

A watch should show more than just time, it signals the wearers’ values and style. Together these form an ensemble that represents the wearer and thus it also looks good.

It all started from four childhood best friends that wanted to seek new paths – go for adventures. These adventures required something that would unify us, would always travel with and remind us of where we come from where ever we would happen to be. So Rohje was born.

From tourist to adventurister

An Adventurister goes further, seizes opportunities and adapts to new environments.

Rohje leans strongly into Finland and Finnishness. You can sense from the design, that Scandinavian minimalism and humble poise and grace. The watch strap material is Finnish reindeer leather. As an exotic material it the watch a finishing Arctic touch ❄️

Welcome aboard,
Antti, Henry, Ville ja Arno

Antti Henry Ville Arno

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