Rohje team

What is Rohje? Who are we?

Rohje's story began in 2015 in the mountains of Switzerland, where four friends from Finland, Antti, Henry, Arno and Ville, got the idea to start their own watch brand. Over the years, the idea of the watch brand grew and developed in their minds, until in 2017, they got down to business and Rohje was born. A Finnish watch brand known for high-quality watches and Finnish reindeer leather straps. 
Many people are familiar with the Rohje brand and watches, but the people behind Rohje are a little more unknown. Who are these adventurous people from Rohje, whose watch hobby eventually led to the founding of their own watch brand?

Get to know us

Henry, 29

Who are you and what do you do?

Morjes, I'm Henkka from Rohje and trying to enjoy life because life is good. I'm also one of the founders and an unrestrained coffee drinker.

What is the bravest thing you have done in 1 month?

Broke an egg by knocking it on my forehead. High risk, high reward.

What is your favorite Rohje watch? Why?

My vote goes to Adventurister Gold, especially when you combine it with a brown reindeer leather strap. However, Gold now had a strong competitor for the favorite title with this new Adventurister Blue. (Unfortunately, Blue is currently sold out due to its great popularity, but we will let you know when more of it is available in the online store.)

And what is your all time favorite watch?

Of course, my own watches are favorites, but I have to admit that others also know how to make nice timepieces. My dream is to one day wear Omega's Speedmaster Apollo 8 edition with yellow details on my wrist. Alternatively, Hublot's Classic Fusion in blue is also very good option.

Arno, 30 

Who are you and what do you do?

I'm Arno, one of the founders of Rohje. At Rohje, I do online shopping, run numbers and keep in touch with production stakeholders. Of course, when you work with such a small team, there is a lot more to everyday life, from customer service to product design. It's very great in entrepreneurship, you get to experience the whole path from product design to a satisfied customer.

What is your favorite watch from Rohje's watches? Why?

Adventurister White with a dark brown reindeer leather strap. I fell in love with the model already in the design phase of the watch in 2018. I can see my own handprint in the product, the style is classic and with the leather strap you even sometimes forget the watch is on your wrist, because it feels so natural. I also use the Antarctica model with a brown strap a lot these days, its copper color fits nicely with the tone of my clothes.

If you were a wristwatch, what watch would you be?

Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar Chronograph (5270R). Patek's watches are known for their accuracy, and I myself feel that I am particularly careful about details, I often file things unnecessarily far. I spotted that model from the Billions series when my favorite character Mayson ended up buying the watch. The watch has a very classic style, it is particularly attractive.

Antti, 30

Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Antti Heikkinen and I am CEO of Rohje and one of the four founding members.

What is your all time favorite watch?

Of course Rohje watches. I'm really proud of what an incredibly good ensemble Artister Into the blue and Dreamy are.

What does courage mean to you?

Courage to me means the ability and strength to really dare to do the things that I wish myself to do, no matter how uncomfortable it might be.
The only possible time to be brave is when something scares you.

Ville, 30 

Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Ville and I am one of the four founders of Rohje. My particular interest in Rohje is in online shopping and its development.  

What are your favorite things right now?

Right now I like to familiarize myself with e.g. for Bitcoin and virtual currencies in general. It has taken a surprising amount of time this past year. I would also like to cook more, but the kitchen is under renovation. My favorite thing this summer has been the walks the summer streets of Helsinki with the baby in a stroller :)

What does courage mean to you?

Such curiosity and perseverance. By curiosity, I mean that you don't get stuck in one place, but give yourself up to exploring new and wonderful things. Whether it is related to travel, studies or family. By unyielding, I mean the kind of driving force that allows you to achieve cool things. At the same time, you could also add to this all the values that serve as the basis of everything (e.g. family, friends, mental health, etc.) without them, it is difficult to realize courage.

Aino, 23

Who are you and what do you do?

I'm Aino, Rohje's first employee. I was initially a marketing intern at Rohje, after which I continued to work part-time in marketing. My duties at Rohje mainly include marketing planning and implementation, but I also do a lot of other things.

What are your favorite things right now?

I currently live in Munich, Germany and the summer here is absolutely amazing. The best thing right now is to have a picnic with friends in Munich's biggest park, Englischer Garten, travel to other European cities and just enjoy summer life.

What is your favorite watch from Rohje's watches? Why?

My favorite watch at the moment is the Artister Classic Black with a black reindeer leather strap. It's just the right size for my narrow wrist and goes well with my classic and nordic style.

Have a lovely summer, enjoy the weathers!

- Henry, Arno, Antti, Ville and Aino

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