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Rohje comes from the Finnish verb rohjeta, to dare do things and having the nerve to seize the moment: Brave and adventurous Nordic characteristic. They could all sense rohje when they gazed at the Rocky Mountains. Read more on Our Story –page.

Adventurister is about having the courage to seize opportunities and being a leader by example. Rohje Adventurister was designed to serve Adventuristers.

Artister was inspired by dreams, which keep us alive and, like time, take us forward. The driving force behind the Artister collection is dreams and the courage to pursue them.

The payment intermediary for the web shop is the secure company Paytrail Oyj. You can pay via bank transfer (instant payment), PayPal, most credit cards and by invoice or in instalments.

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We are continuously designing new watch models and straps. Join us in creating an exciting new story.

Rohje supports Ukraine
We have already decided to stop all exports to Russia and we will do our part to effect the duration of the war and assist those in need. You can read more from our Code of Ethics.


The watch machinery is made in Japan or in Switzerland depending on the watch. Case assembly is done in China. The reindeer leather straps are handmade and assembled in Finland.

This is a good question! In Finland, reindeer live freely in the wild and eat natural food. Reindeer farming is therefore very different from the traditional meat industry. Reindeer leather itself is always produced as a by-product in reindeer husbandry and would be wasted in disposal. Read more about the topic from: Sustainability

Yes. We believe in the quality of our products so strongly that we offer at least a one-year warranty on all our products. The watch has a two-year warranty and the reindeer leather strap a one-year warranty.

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Rohje watch cases are made of hypoallergenic surgical steel (316L). Surgical steel is a very durable material that does not scratch easily, suffer wear and tear or get darker over time.

Sapphire crystal is a very hard and wear-resistant material. Unlike mineral glass, sapphire crystal does not scratch. The sapphire crystal used in our watches has an anti-glare coating on both sides for the best possible end result. Read more here.

Double domed means a surface that is convex on both sides. If you look at the Artister watch from the side, you will notice that its glass is a bit convex. This feature helps prevent reflections on the glass surface and improves the visibility of the dial.

The reindeer leather strap is very soft and pleasant to wear. The strap is vegetable tanned and treated with beeswax, allowing it to withstand some moisture without hardening. Reindeer leather is an ecological option, as the raw material is always a by-product of reindeer husbandry. We chose reindeer leather as the material for our watch straps for precisely these reasons. Read more here.

Of course! Contact info@rohje.com and let us know your wishes. We will get back to you with a price estimate and delivery time.

Our reindeer straps can be changed to different size. Please contact info@rohje.com and we will happily help you. Mesh bracelets are only available in one length.

Oil paintings aren't flat which is why Artister dials aren't flat too. The surface is lively in order to make the painting more authentic. For the same reason, the glass of the watch is also not flat but if you look at the watch from the side you will find it to be a little convex.

Shipping and Returns

Products are shipped within 1 to 3 days. You will receive your product usually within 1 to 4 weekdays from the date when you placed your order. You can find more information in Terms of Delivery.

We offer an extended return period. If you want to return the product, you have 100 days from the date of purchase to do so. Read more about our satisfaction guarantee.

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Please contact us and we can discuss the details.

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