Here will you find the frequently asked questions. If you don’t find the answer to your question please contact us.

Are there any Rohje watch models other than Adventurister?

New models are being designed. Join us in creating new chapters!

Do the Rohje watches fit men and women?

Yes they do. We believe the adventuring spirit doesn’t consider gender as a factor! Our models have been designed as gender-neutral as possible. In the future we will also be bringing watches of differing sizes

What material is the frame of the watch?

The frame is a non-allergenic surgical stainless steel (316L). Surgical grade stainless steel is a rather strong material, it doesn’t get scratched, wear out or darken easily. According to the EU-directive 94/27/EC the limit for the rate of nickel release is 0.5µg/cm²/week. The surgical steel fulfils this requirement and that also is why it was chosen as the material for the watch frame.

What is a reindeer leather strap like to wear?

Reindeer leather strap is very soft and pleasant to wear. The strap is vegetable tanned leather and is coated with beeswax, so it can manage moisture without hardening. Reindeer leather is an ecological choice, because the raw material is a side product of reindeer herding. We chose reindeer leather because of all reasons the mentioned, find more information in the blog. The strap is completely non-allergenic.

Do the products have a return policy?

We offer an extended return period. If you want to return the product, you can do it within 30 days of ordering. Please package the product well before returning.

How can you contact our customer service?

If you have any questions we will gladly help. We can be best reached through social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), by email info@rohje.com or the contact form from the contacts page.

Do our products have a guarantee?

Of course! Because we trust the quality of our products completely, we offer all products at least a 2 year guarantee, so no worries.

What payment methods are available?

You can pay with Finnish online banking services, most common credit cards, billing and instalment payment plans and also with MobilePay. See further details in terms of delivery. 

How fast will the products be delivered?

Santa comes only once per year, but Rohje packages move every day. The product will arrive in around 1-3 days after the order has been placed.  When pre-ordering delivery is between 2-6 weeks. Find more details in the delivery terms.

You want have Rohje watches for retail purposes, how is it managed?

For retail questions contact us and we can work out the details that way.

What does Rohje mean?

Rohje comes from the Finnish verb rohjeta, to dare do things and having the nerve to seize the moment: Brave and adventurous Nordic characteristic. They could all sense rohje when they gazed at the Rocky Mountains. Read more in Our story –page.

What does Adventurister mean?

The bravery to seize the moment and being a role model for being in the forefront of a group or movement. It is also the model name of the watch. The watch has been designed to serve Adventurists.

Where are the watches made?

The watch machinery is made in Japan. The assembly is done in China and the reindeer leather straps are handmade in Finland.

How does sapphire crystal compare to mineral crystal?

Sapphire Crystal is a hardy material that is very abrasion-resistant. Unlike mineral crystal, sapphire crystal is more scrach-resistant. The sapphire crystal glass has been treated with an antireflection coating to get the best possible final product.