Auta meitä uuden Artister-mallin suunnittelussa. Äänestä suosikkiasi!

Be part of new Artister watch! Vote for your favorite!

Be part of new Artister watch. Which of Noora Svärd's paintings would you like to see on your wrist? Vote your favorite and as a thank you we'll give you -50€ discount code to Rohje store. The survey is only open for one week, June 27-July 3, 2022. Seize the opportunity and vote your favorite now!

In the spring 2021, we launched Rohje Artister, our first watch collection for women. The collection was designed in collaboration with Noora Svärd, an artist from Kupio, whose paintings are precisely 3D structured on the dials of Artister watches. Now we want to release a new Artister watch but we need your help.

Tell us which of Noora Svärd's paintings you would like to see on your wrist! Vote your favorite here!

As a thank you for your time we'd like to give you a discount code of 50€ to Rohje store. You will receive the discount code at the end of the survey. Use the discount for order worth more than 200€. Discount code is valid until July 31, 2022.

The survey is only open for a week 27.6.-3.7.2022, so seize the opportunity and vote your favorite Artist now! 



New Artister model options.


Rohje Artister - Trust in yourself and your dreams

The Rohje Artister collection was inspired by dreams, which keep us alive and, like time, take us forward. The driving force behind the Artister collection is dreams and the courage to pursue them.

Artister collection is designed in collaboration with Finnish Finnish oil painter Noora Svärd. Real oil paintings have been used in the design for the Dreamy and Into the Blue watches. Uniqueness of the watch is the magnificent 3D structured dial made from real paintings by Svärd. To counterbalance the bright designs, there's also a classic option. Rohje Artister Classic Black is a combination of deep black and rose gold.

Check out the entire Artister collection from here!

Woman with Artister Into the Blue on her wrist.
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