Rohje Valianter KOVA Collection black


For those who are determined to make a valiant effort

Valianter's dark steel frame hides inside a high-quality Swiss movement. The dial, protected by domed sapphire glass, has superluminized details that glow brightly in the dark. Glowing indexes of the dial are inspired by the sight patterns of esports world.

The name Valianter means brave, gallant and valiant.
Rohje Valianter's dark-speaking steel frame includes high-quality Swiss Ronda machinery. The domed sapphire crystal-protected dial features superior luminance indexes that have been inspired by the target sights of the e-sports world!
174.30 €
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Valianter - Always make a valiant effort

"The underlying message of the Valianter collection is that success is achieved through determination and by believing in yourself. The Valianter watch is for those who are determined to always make a valiant effort."