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Rohje has promised to compensate its carbon footprint from 2021 onwards. The carbon footprint of one Rohje watch is now about 4kg CO2e, which is equivalent to the emissions of a hamburger. We compensate all our emissions annually.

Read more about our responsibility in our Rohje's code of ethics.

We offer a 100-day satisfaction guarantee to ensure that your risk as a buyer is as small as possible.

Not a single product leaves us before undergoing thorough testing and inspections, meaning until we are completely satisfied with the product.

When you buy a Rohje watch, you are simultaneously guaranteeing your satisfaction with your purchase. After buying and receiving a Rohje product, you have 100 days to return the item in sellable condition.

Read more at 100-day satisfaction guarantee.

Gift certificates for Rohje's web shop.

Order a Rohje gift certificate directly to your email. You will receive the gift certificate immediately in your
email, and you can use it right away. You can also print up and send the gift certificate to someone as a gift. The value added to your gift certificate can be used for multiple purchases so long as there is value in the gift certificate.

How to buy and use the gift certificate:

1. Select the gift certificate you want:

  • Value 50€
  • Value 89€
  • Value 100€
  • Value 209€
  • Value 249€
  • Value 289€

You can buy anything with the gift certificate from the Rohje store.

2. Pay for your order in the web shop and the gift certificate will be immediately sent to your email address.

3. Print up or send the gift certificate to the recipient of the gift.

Gift certificates are valid for two years. Enjoy the gift of giving!

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