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Reindeer leather strap, 14mm

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Rohje has promised to compensate its carbon footprint from 2021 onwards. The carbon footprint of one Rohje watch is now about 4kg CO2e, which is equivalent to the emissions of a hamburger. We compensate all our emissions annually.

Read more about our responsibility in our Rohje's code of ethics.

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Not a single product leaves us before undergoing thorough testing and inspections, meaning until we are completely satisfied with the product.

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Changing the watch strap can give even an old watch a new look and different style. In addition to Rohje Artister, the unique 14 mm wide Rohje reindeer leather strap can also be worn with other 14 mm wide watches.

The Rohje reindeer leather watch strap is:

  • Made in Tampere, Finland
  • True Finnish craftsmanship
  • Made in a natural production process

The Rohje reindeer leather straps are handmade in Tampere, Finland, from reindeer leather sourced from the Kemi-Tornio region of Finnish Lapland. The Rohje strap is a soft but durable choice that consists of two parts equipped with metal spring bars.

We believe that reindeer leather is the finest type of leather due to its unique properties. It is silky smooth, drapes nicely and is light and soft. At the same time, it is also strong and durable.

The aim was to achieve a watch strap with an impeccable finish. The stamp of craftsmanship is visible in the strap’s details, and each strap is unique. No plastic is used in Rohje’s reindeer watch straps; instead, they are treated with natural beeswax.

A reindeer watch strap is an ethical choice

Reindeer are not raised for watch straps or leather. Reindeer husbandry in Finnish Lapland is a source of livelihood for other reasons. Reindeer leather is a sustainably produced raw material that is always a by-product of reindeer husbandry.

Our reindeer leather products have been awarded the distinguished Finnish Key Flag Symbol, which means that our products are made entirely in Finland. 

The straps have quick-release pins, making it easy to quickly change your style to suit the occasion.

The watch strap comes with a one-year limited guarantee. Read more about the Terms of Delivery.

Do you need a longer or shorter strap? Contact us!

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Juha K.
Pehmeä ja miellyttävä ranneke

Ostin vaimon joululahjakelloon(Artister Into the Blue)metallirannekkeen vaihtoehdoksi poronnahkaisen rannekkeen. Ranneke on kuulemma miellyttävä ja erityisen pehmeän tuntuinen ranteessa.