Rohje tumman ruskean värinen poronnahkaranneke
Rohje mustan värinen poronnahkaranneke
Rohje mustan värinen poronnahkaranneke
Rohje vaalean värinen poronnahkaranneke
Rohje vaalean värinen poronnahkaranneke
Rohje mustan värinen poronnahkaranneke
Rohje tummansinisen värinen poronnahkaranneke

Reindeer leather strap, 20mm

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Rohje has promised to compensate its carbon footprint from 2021 onwards. The carbon footprint of one Rohje watch is now about 4kg CO2e, which is equivalent to the emissions of a hamburger. We compensate all our emissions annually.

Read more about our responsibility in our Rohje's code of ethics.

We offer a 100-day satisfaction guarantee to ensure that your risk as a buyer is as small as possible.

Not a single product leaves us before undergoing thorough testing and inspections, meaning until we are completely satisfied with the product.

When you buy a Rohje watch, you are simultaneously guaranteeing your satisfaction with your purchase. After buying and receiving a Rohje product, you have 100 days to return the item in sellable condition.

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Rohje reindeer leather strap is:

  • Made in Finland
  • Handmade
  • Natural

Rohje reindeer leather straps are handmade in Tampere Finland from Finnish reindeerleather. Our strap model is a two part and it is 20 mm wide.

Reindeer leather is one of the finest leather types due to its qualities. It is like silk, light, extremely soft, but also strong and durable.

The finishing touches have been made to be exquisite. The mark of handcraftsmanship comes forward in the details of the strap and every single strap is a unique product with its own marks with small stories about life in the forests of Finland. It is also coated with protective layer of beeswax to give a luxurious and natural feel and help protect the leather from moisture.

Reideer aren't raised for leather straps or leather, but they are the livelihood in the Finnish Lapland for other reasons. Reindeer is a sustainably produced and alwas a sideproduct of reindeer herding.

Our reindeer leather products have been awarded the distinguished Finnish Key Flag Symbol, which means that our products are made entirely in Finland.

Within the shipment we send the 20 mm spring bars for attaching the strap to the watch.

Reindeer leather straps have a limited one year guarantee.

Read more in our article about reindeer leather straps.

Read how to care for the reindeer leather strap.

Customer Reviews

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Esa S.

Hei, ostin pari vuotta sitten samanlaisen Oulusta liikkeestä. Se on hiukan paksumman tuntuinen ja tukevampi tähän nyt ostamaani verrattuna. Tämä on vähän pehmeämpi. Myös lenkit johon hihnan pää työnnetään, ei ole niin jämäkät kun tässä aiemmassa. Pidän enemmän ensin ostetusta. Ymmärrän että nahka aina erilaista kun luonnon materiaalista kyse. Mutta olen ihan tyytyväinen, käytössä paranee ja patinoituu😊

Ilkka E.
Uusi ranneke

Ranneke on tyylikäs ja mukava. Toinen remmeistä, mikä pitää rannekkeen muodossa on vaan lähtenyt avautumaan melkein heti.

Roope K.

Poronnahkaranneke, 20mm