For those who are determined to always make a valiant effort

Quality, details and time are in the heart of gaming and watches

Rohje, created by four friends, is a Finnish watch brand that encourages courage. The E-sports organization KOVA, on the other hand, is known for doing things that others have not yet done in Finland.

Rohje has always been driven by courage and breaking boundaries. The watch designed together with KOVA is a bold new way of thinking. Digital sports and analog watch create a combination that has never seen before, says Rohje's CEO Antti Heikkinen.

The name of the KOVA Valianter watch means bold and brave, which describes the both KOVA and Rohje's style to do things. Both start-up companies want to boldly do new things and aim for the international market.

Rohje is a logical partner for us. The founders of Rohje are tough to play and make quality watches in their own style, says KOVA's partnership manager Matti Orava.

Designed together with professional E-sport players, Rohje Valianter KOVA limited edition of 300 watches, is made without compromising on quality. The indexes on the dial form an aim reticle and the dial is easy to distinguish even in darker environments.

It is cool to be able to offer us, KOVA fans and various stakeholders a product that can make KOVA stand out and at the same time look stylish, Orava says.