Rohje poronnahkarannekkeet

Watch straps

Finest strap for the watch you appreciate

An excellent watch deserves a top-notch strap. Our hand crafted watch straps are made of luxurious Finnish reindeer leather or durable stainless steel to bring you the highest comfort and characteristic with your watch. Style your watch to fit your current outfit in seconds with our quick-release function which is included in all our watches.

Our luxurious reindeer leather straps are a great choice for both everyday and festive occasions. The reindeer leather is a sustainable choice and the leather itself it comes directly from the Finnish Lapland. Straps are made in a local leather workshop in Tampere. The reindeer leather strap is a stylish choice for you who want a high quality and ethically produced leather strap. Our reindeer leather products have been awarded the distinguished Finnish Key Flag Symbol, which means that our products are made entirely in Finland.

Rohje mesh straps are made of stainless steel. They're lightweight but durable alternatives for your watches. Mesh straps are "one-size fits for all"-straps so their length can be adjusted so that they fit for many sizes of wrists.