Miksi päädyimme poronnahkaisiin rannekkeisiin?

Why choose a reindeer leather watch strap?

We at Rohje have started from the idea that today, a lot of usable and even excellent material becomes waste around the world. We wanted to find out what would be something local, high-quality and sustainable material which would also be a by-product of some other activity. That's where we found the Reindeer leather. It answers to all those demands.

Quality - From all the leather types in the world, the reindeer leather is one of the finest ones. Of course it's also one of the most difficult to handle but when the work is done carefully, the end result is like silk. Soft but durable.

Ethics - In terms of ethics and ecology, reindeer leather production beats clearly traditional leather materials. All reindeer leather is produced as a by-product of the reindeer herding industry and unlike cattle, reindeers are always allowed to live in the wild wilderness.

Environmental impact - We wanted a local material that could be handcrafted into a final product here in Finland. Our leather comes from near, from Kemi-Tornio region in Finland.

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Rohje-straps are hand made

Our straps are hand made in Tampere, Finland. The craft workshop has a long tradition of making leather products since the mid-20th century. Long traditions and knowledgeable people ensure that our reindeer leather bracelets are both ethical and top quality.


Why to choose reindeer leather for watch? 

Reindeer leather is one of the world’s finest leathers due to its unique properties. It is silky, drapes well and is light and very soft, while simultaneously being strong and durable. Because of its challenging qualities, working the material requires robust know-how and special skill. Thanks to the material’s silk-like softness, new reindeer leather straps do not require the typical softening and breaking in that other leather products require.

Indeed, reindeer leather is an exotic, luxury material due to the availability of the raw material. While reindeer leather is luxurious as a raw material, it is also functional and gives the watch a unique arctic feel. The limited amount of raw material and its origin make the watch and watch strap even more interesting and desirable.

Reindeer are not raised for the watch straps; they are a source of livelihood for other reasons. Reindeer leather is therefore sustainably produced, as the raw material is a by-product of reindeer herding. The watch strap has a flawless finish, but the handmade feel comes through in the small details. The handwork is reflected in the needlework and the interior markings. We believe handmade products should have a certain amount of roughness, which only adds character to the final product.

The task of a watch strap is primarily to hold the watch firmly on the wrist, but it certainly isn’t the only task. A good strap highlights the watch’s external properties: when it fits well, it is a pleasure to wear and also looks good. For the Rohje watch, we offer different watch straps as well as a tool for changing the watch strap, so that the style of the watch can be easily changed to suit different uses and occasions.

You can also order the Rohje leather straps separately without the watch.

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