Rohje Artister

Rohje Artister

The Artister collection, published in 2021 is the crown jewel of Finnish design collaboration. Kuopio-based artist Noora Svärd has painted Dreamy and Into The Blue oil-paintings used in Rohje Artister's dials. These paintings are 3D-patterned precisely on the dials of the watches.

Artister Dreamy

Dreamy – The unbearable lightness of dreams
Dreaming is creative play with the universe. It is trust in knowing that life will carry you through. So be open-minded and curious, and welcome all that life brings you

Artister Dreamy

"Pink is a colour that has accompanied me throughout my life, that is, since I started painting. However, from bright fuchsia pink I’ve moved to a slightly more subtle version. “Dreamy” is a blend of various shades of pink, white and grey. It combines a soft haziness and several layers of colour. ". - Noora Svärd

Artister Dreamy reflects the dreams that take us forward and bring us joy every day. The Rohje Artister watch collection was designed in collaboration with Noora Svärd, an artist from Kuopio, Finland. Svärd is the artist behind the paintings depicted on the watch dials. The artist’s signature is on the backplate of the Artister watch.

Artister Into The Blue

Into the blue – Savour the journey towards your dreams.

Pursuing one’s dreams is not just about the destination, it’s also about the path you take to get there. It is an unknown journey and the path is likely winding, but it is the only one you have for sure. So dare to take the first step towards the unknown and savour the journey.

Artister Into the Blue

The Artister Into the Blue watch bears the message of being bold or ‘rohje’ enough to self-actualise through art and self-expression, whether that means bringing forth new ideas or expressing one’s feelings.

"I used classic shades of blue and added some blue-grey to mute some of the brightness. This gave the piece its intense blue colour and you can also distinguish a deep swirl, which depicts your journey towards your dreams" - Noora Svärd

Artister Classic Black

Classic. The elegant black dial is never out of fashion and the rose-gold frame emphasizes modern design.

Artister Classic black

Artister Classic Black is a classically elegant watch with a deep black dial and rich rose gold details, resulting in a timeless masterpiece. The case has a slightly reddish Rose-gold coloration while the dial is deep black. Contrast brings out the details of the painting with dignity.


World class quality

All Rohje Artister model watches keep time with a high quality Swiss clockwork. We chose Ronda as our watch movement due to it being a very accurate, dependable and long lasting watch movement. Proof of its energy effiency is that the battery can last up to 10 years.

The face of the watch is actually a 3-D structured painting from a real painting. The real height differences in the painting can be seen in the watch face details.

The watch case is made out of stainless surgeon grade steel and the watch dial is protected by a nearly unscrachable double-domed sapphire glass with anti-glare protection.

A wide variety of handmade Rohje reindeer leather straps and optional case colored mesh straps with easy and fast to use quick release straps to make sure you can easily change style by changing the strap to fit the occasion.

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