Rohje - Responsible Finnish watch brand

A watch is not vital for anyone. Therefore, its manufacture and use should not be a burden on society or the environment. Rohje as a company was built around these ideas and our values are in line with it. We want to be a responsible Finnish watch brand, whose operations have the least possible negative impact on the environment, communities, society and the economy. 

Domesticity is strongly reflected in our operations

The main element in Rohje's operation is Finnishness, because we are a Finnish company. Finnishness is reflected in our operations, our material choices, our partners and our corporate social responsibility activities. 

When we started developing our products, we chose reindeer leather as the material for the straps. What could be more Finnish than those horned animals from Lapland? The reindeer leather we use comes from Finnish Lapland and the straps are handcrafted in Tampere in a workshop that have been manufactured leather products, from the mid-20th century onwards. 

Finnishness is also reflected in our partnerships as we cooperate with various Finnish companies. We work with logistics companies and cool design retailers. We have brought uniqueness and strikingness to our Finnish watches by designing watch collections together with a Finnish artist and the e-sports team. 

A responsible and carbon-neutral Finnish watch brand

Watches are cool and great accessories, but they are not worth destroying the environment. Rohje has promised to be carbon neutral and reduce emissions at all stages of production. At the end of the year, we will fully compensate for the carbon dioxide emissions generated in the production of our watches! If you have any way in mind how we could offset our carbon footprint, give us a tip!

Fun fact! Producing one Rohje watch produces 4kg of carbon dioxide emissions - the same amount of carbon dioxide emissions comes from producing a burger. 

Rohje leather straps are made of reindeer leather, which is a particularly ethical alternative to leather products. Reindeer skin is created as a by-product of reindeer husbandry, and reindeer are not bred solely because of their skin. Vegetable tanning is used in our leather products, which is the most environmentally friendly of the tanning methods. 

Read more about the vegetable tanning method from here.

We utilize as many recyclable materials as possible in our operations. Our goal for 2022 is to move to packaging that is made from 100% cardboard and can be recycled. In the future, we plan to create a watch made entirely of recycled materials with significantly lower emissions. We have also launched Rohje Renewable watches, which are returned and serviced watches that we sell at a discounted price.

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