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Help us renew our online store – we'll give you -30 € discount

When we started Rohje in 2018, we created two online stores for practical reasons – one for Finnish consumers and the other for foreign consumers. However, during the past year as our operations grew larger and more international, the benefits of the two online stores became less and less and we decided it was time to reform our operations. During the past October, we made major changes to our online store and combined the online stores for Finnish and foreign consumers under one domain in order to serve our customers around the world as well as possible.

Now we only have one cool online store that can be found at www.rohje.com. From the language menu at the bottom right corner of the page, you can select Finnish or English as the language and euros, dollars or pounds as the currency. Easy as pie!

Now we need your help to make customer experience in our online store as pleasant as possible for all our customers regardless of their language, we also need your help! Since our English language skills do not bend to everything and the beautiful chord of Finnish rally English may crack in online store translations, we ask for your help in optimizing our online store in English.

Spot us a translation error or an untranslated page from the English online store, and we'll give you a -30€ discount on an optional watch!

The aim of the campaign is to make our English online store as clear and easy to understand as possible, so that our online store would be as comfortable as possible for everyone to visit and shop.

The instructions are as follows:

By November 11, 2021, send us a screenshot and a website link to the English pages of our online store where the untranslated text or translation error is located. Tips can be emailed to us at info@rohje.com or via Facebook Messenger and Instagram direct. Write “Suggestion for Website Improvement” as a headline and provide a suggestion on how we can improve the translation.

In return for the tip, we give you a -30 € discount that can be used on a single order. The discount can be used for all our watches. Note! Discount does not apply to straps or gift cards!

The discount code is valid until the end of December 2021.

The discount cannot be combined with other discounts. We reserve the right not to grant a discount if the mistranslation or untranslated text has already been reported to us or it does not meet the terms of the campaign.

Act fast, easy translation mistakes are spotted first!

Thanks for your help and good luck <3