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We compensate our 2021 carbon footprint through Finnish carbon sink

Rohje is committed to being a carbon-neutral company, and we are pursuing this goal primarily by reducing our carbon footprint at all stages of our production. 

However, we are not yet completely carbon-neutral company, as currently producing one Rohje watch emits about 4kg of carbon dioxide, which is equivalent to about one and a half burgers. We compensate for these emissions annually in order to minimize the impact of our operations on the environment. 

Are you already familiar with Rohje's ethical guidelines? Read about it from here.

We invest our emissions in a Finnish swamp

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This year, we will compensate for the carbon dioxide emissions generated by our operations through the best Finnish carbon sink - the swamps! We compensate our carbon dioxide emissions through Hiilipörssiwhich restores the drained swamps in Finland to their natural state.

We chose the swamps, as they are the most efficient carbon sink in our beautiful nature and home to many species of animals. It was important for us to compensat our emissions through Finnish nature, and of all the options, the swamps were the most beneficial.

So what does compensating carbon dioxide emissions through swamps mean in practice? With the help of our compensation, the drained swamps are restored, for example, by blocking the ditches and removing the trees. As a result the water level in swamps rises and the swamp return to its natural state. The swamp returned to the natural state binds carbon from the atmosphere, on which the compensation for carbon dioxide emissions is also based. If you want to read more of the carbon dioxide compensation through swamps, there's lots of reliable information on Hiilipörssi website!

In the future, we will look for better and more efficient solutions to offset our CO2 emissions and develop our production to reduce CO2 emissions during the production phase!

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