Rohje Reindeer Leather Strap, Natural, 20mm
Rohje Reindeer Leather Strap, Natural, 20mm

Rohje Reindeer Leather Strap, Natural, 20mm

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Rohje reindeer leather strap is:

  • Made in Finland
  • Handmade
  • Natural

Rohje reindeer leather straps are handmade in Tampere Finland from Finnish reindeerleather. Our strap model is a two part and it is 20 mm wide.

Reindeer leather is one of the finest leather types due to its qualities. It is like silk, light, extremely soft, but also strong and durable.

The finishing touches have been made to be exquisite. The mark of handcraftsmanship comes forward in the details of the strap and every single strap is a unique product with its own marks with small stories about life in the forests of Finland. It is also coated with protective layer of beeswax to give a luxurious and natural feel and help protect the leather from moisture.

Reideer aren't raised for leather straps or leather, but they are the livelihood in the Finnish Lapland for other reasons. Reindeer is a sustainably produced and alwas a sideproduct of reindeer herding.

Within the shipment we send the 20 mm spring bars for attaching the strap to the watch.

Reindeer leather straps have a limited one year guarantee: read more in the terms of delivery.

Read more in our article about reindeer leather straps.

Read how to care for the reindeer leather strap.

Reindeer leather strap length:

Size Length Wrist size*
Short 65mm and 105mm 110mm - 160mm
2 9/16" and 4 9/64" 4 21/64" - 6 19/64"
Medium 75mm and 115mm 140mm - 190mm
2 61/64" and 4 17/32" 5 33/64" - 7 31/64"
Long 85mm and 135mm 170mm - 220mm
3 11/32" and 5 5/16" 6 11/16" - 8 21/32"
With 40mm Rohje watch*
delivery-fast Free Shipping Worldwide
satisfied 100 day satisfaction guarantee
watch-2 International 2 year warranty

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