Adventurister Antarctica
Adventurister Antarctica
Adventurister Antarctica
Adventurister Antarctica

Adventurister Antarctica

Limited Edition

We are celebrating science and the bravest explorers in honor of the 200 years since discovering Antarctica with a limited 200 piece edition of Rohje Antarctica watches.

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We are donating directly 20€ from every purchased Antarctica watch to the University of Turku Natural sciences.

The word Adventurister is a combination of the words adventure and tourist. The Rohje Adventurister watch is made for adventurers. Whether adventuring closer or farther away, alone or together, in the city or in nature - it is for you.

The inspiration for Rohje Adventurister comes from the northern regions of Finland. The wrist watch is Finnish design, its style and features fit perfectly for adventurers, also while being minimalistic it suits formal events very well.

The way the limited edition differs from other Adventurister models is how it has lumenicent dials and watch hands that make it easy to read the watch in low light extreme conditions.

Behind every watch is a stylish map of Antarctica and every single model is numbered from 1 to 200.

Antarctica Limited Edition -package contains a Finnish handmade reindeer leather strap, a copper colored stainless steel milanese strap and a Rohje certificate of authenticity.

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Limited Edition

Tested under the extreme conditions

Rohje Adventurister Antarctica was tested in Antarctica by a Finnish research group. Read about the adventure in extreme conditions.

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On the upper part of the watch is a 24-hour sub-dial with a Moon and Sun symbols telling the story of the northern hemisphere and its heritage in the watch. In the northern parts of Finland we live with the midnight sun and during the winter darkness in the polar night. The Adventurister will in all situations tell you whether it is day or night.

One of the features of Adventurister is the dual time feature that helps traveling between different time zones. While traveling the world you can check your home time whatever the time zone you were in.

  • Due the minimalistic design Rohje Adventurister suits all, men and women. From nature to urban environments and from special events to ordinary days.
  • Suitable size, the diameter 40 mm and the only 8.2 mm thick.
  • The packaging includes a tool to set the dual time and easily change the watch strap.
  • The reindeer leather strap (20 mm) is handmade in Finland and Finnish reindeer leather.
  • Within the watch is a reliable and accurate Japanese Miyota quartz movement with a 24 hour and dual time function.
  • The case is brushed stainless steel (316L).
  • The glass of the watch can take even the hardest scratches because it is quality sapphire glass and is also anti-glare
  • The watch is water resistant (5 ATM) so it can manage even wetter conditions.

We know that in the modern days it is not necessary to carry a watch to be able to look up the time. For that there are smarter devices. We believe a wrist watch is an excellent way to show your style and values you represent. Rohje Adventurister is a combination of Finnish design, quality and passion for adventures. With the Finnish handmade reindeer leather strap it is a watch that looks and feels good.

Rohje comes from the Finnish word ‘rohjeta’; to be brave enough to do something. In life one should be brave enough to seize the chances and go your own path – Are you an Adventurister?

The watch and milanese strap have two year limited guarantee and the reindeer leather strap one year limited guarantee. Read more in the terms of delivery.

Reindeer leather strap

Finnish craftsmanship from Tampere, Finland

Each leather strap is protected with a natural and traditional beeswax that guarantees the strap lasting a long time and it being nonallergic

Technical specification:

Diameter: 40mm (1 37/64")
Height: 8,2mm (21/64")
Material: Brushed stainless steel (316L)
Color: Copper color
Material: Finnish reindeer leather
Stainless steel (316L)
Color: Black, white stitches
Copper color
Width: 20mm (25/32")
Movement type: Quartz
Manufacturer: Miyota (Japan)
Accuracy: +-20 sec/month
Functions: Calendar,
Day/Night indicator,
Dual-time function
Dial color: Black
Hand colours: Lumenicent White / Red
Glass: Saphire crystal glass with two-sided anti-glare surface
Water resistance: 5 ATM (50 m)
Luminance: Yes. Hour indicators, hour and minute hands

Reindeer leather strap length:

Size Length Wrist size*
Short 65mm and 105mm 110mm - 160mm
2 9/16" and 4 9/64" 4 21/64" - 6 19/64"
Medium 75mm and 115mm 140mm - 190mm
2 61/64" and 4 17/32" 5 33/64" - 7 31/64"
Long 85mm and 135mm 170mm - 220mm
3 11/32" and 5 5/16" 6 11/16" - 8 21/32"
With 40mm Rohje watch*

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Mikko J.
Lahjana uniikki ja näyttävä

Ostin kellon 30v lahjaksi. Päädyin Rohje Adventurister Antarctica -malliin sen kotimaisen designin, erilaisuuden sekä näyttävän ulkonäön takia. Lahjana valinta oli onnistunut, sillä lahjan saaja oli todella iloisesti yllättynyt ja tohkeissaan kellosta.

Michel O.
Good service, good relation price / value

I am very happy with my watch, I like the design and the colour very much. A few weeks after I bought the watch there was a small problem and it was solved very quickly and without any costs for me, so perfect service, thanks!

Doug B.
Beautiful timepiece

Make no mistake, this is a beast of a watch. The moment you strap it on, you feel the mass. I'm pleased with it, even though I've seemingly found every possible way of smudging the crystal! I'll take it off, and wonder, "how'd I get it so grimy?" Nothing a little elbow grease can't repair.
It has understated elegance, no frippery, no frills, nothing to distract from its purpose. It's a keeper.

Olaf B.

This watch is very Special! I like it very well!
It is one of my famous watches.
„Nice Thing“
Olaf Germany

Petri T.
Pieniä viisareita ei näe kovin

Pieniä viisareita ei näe kovin hyvin, muuten hyvä kello

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