Why to choose a reindeer leather watch strap?

Why to choose a reindeer leather watch strap? Why we chose reindeer leather for the Rohje watch? We give you a few reasons on following article.

Rohje leather watch straps are made from finest Finnish reindeer leather. The watch straps are handmade in Central Finland, the leather workshop has a long history with producing different leather products - actually they started back in the 50's manufacturing watch straps.

Reindeer leather as a type of leather is one of the world’s finest leather because of its unique properties. It is like silk, drapes well, light, very soft, while simultaneously being strong and a durable material. Because of its challenging qualities working the material requires robust knowhow and professionalism. Due to its silk like
softness you don’t have to wait for the typical softening and breaking in of typical leather products when a new leather strap is used.

Indeed, reindeer leather is an exotic luxury material due to the availability of its raw material. Reindeer leather is luxurious as a raw material, but at the same time functional and it gives the watch a unique arctic feel. The limited amount of raw material and origin makes the watch and watch strap even more interesting and desirable.

Reindeers aren’t raised for the watch straps, they are the livelihood for other reasons. Because of this reindeer leather is sustainably produced, because the raw material comes as a side product of reindeer herding. The finish of the watch strap has been made flawless, still the handmade feel comes through in the small details.
The handwork is seen in the needlework and the interior markings. We believe small roughness belongs in a handmade product to give it character.

The task of a watch strap is primarily to hold the watch firmly on the wrist, but it certainly isn’t the only task. A good strap highlights the external properties, when it fits well it is a pleasure to carry and it also looks good. For the Rohje watch we offer different watch straps and a tool for changing the watch strap, so that the watch can
be for different uses and occasions. You can also order the Rohje leather straps separately without the watch.