How to care for Rohje reindeer leather straps?

How do you treat and care for Rohje reindeer leather straps, to maintain all its great and special qualities and elegance? 

Leather is a common choice for the strap of a watch, because it suits ordinary and special occasions. Thus leather strap meets all kinds of different circumstances and is exposed to different things such as moisture, heat and stains. Next we will tell more about treating and caring for the Rohje reindeer leather strap to maximize its longevity and elegance.

The leather straps of the Rohje watches are made out of vegetable tanned Finnish reindeer leather, one of the finest watch strap material. We currently offer two different colours;  the natural colour of the leather as in colour light and a coloured dark brown called dark.

Vegetable tanned reindeer leather is a fine and valuable material for a watch strap. Rohje reindeer leather watch straps are made from two layers of reindeer leather. As a material reindeer leather is durable, soft and beautifully aging. We suggest treating the leather strap with beeswax, so that it wouldn’t dry up too much or get stained. The leather strap is already protected with a coated with beeswax during the making of the leather strap against excessive staining and moisture. Regular care with common beeswax will lengthen the life of the leather strap and protect it from the effects of adventuring.

One of the best features of a vegetable tanned leather is its natural patina process. The natural coloured leather patinates the best. During its life time the colour of the surface changes and it ages beautifully. The coloured darker reindeer leather strap also patinates, but in a slightly different way.

With the following tips you can make sure the longevity of your Rohje reindeer leather strap and elegant aging:

  • Avoid getting the leather wet. If it gets wet, dry slowly in room temperature (no hair dryer, nor on top of a radiator).
  • Treat the leather strap with beeswax, depending on the frequency of use ( around once or twice a year):

To make sure the Rohje leather strap stays in good condition and preserves its beautiful appearance it must be cared for. It will quickly become more flexible and conform according to the user.

The Rohje reindeer leather strap is a timeless choice for regular, special occasions and all adventures. Make sure to take care of it to preserve its special qualities, like with any other leather product.

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