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When an ordinary isn't an option

Adventurister Gold

Rohje is a finnish brand inspired by Nordic nature.
Rohje watches are minimalistic enough to be multi-purpose, but at the same time, they stand out for their refined elegance. They are designed for bold people who value timeless elegance. For people who dare to enjoy life, like to test their limits from time to time and have the courage to seize opportunities.

Seize the Opportunity

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Women wearing Rohje Artister into to the Blue on wrist

Intoducing Rohje Artister

Arister is watch collection inspired by creativity, dreams, and endless possibilities. Artister is a watch without compromises.

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Rohje x F18 Midnight Sun Raid

Rohje is honored to be main sponsor of F18-class sailing race Midnight sun Raid this weekend, June 4th until 6th. The event involves real adventures and a sense of courage is mandatory among participants - all the elements that are also behind the design of the Rohje Adventurister watch.

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Reindeer leather is a Finnish speciality

Watch strap can be made out of many materials. Reindeer leather is real arctic luxury but it is still sustainable. Read here why we chose to go for it.

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Our Story

For people who dare to enjoy life and test their limits from time to time. We wanted to create a watch that stands the test of time.

Behind the scenes